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Holidaying in Southern Australia: Melbourne And Adelaide

Southern Australia is an vast region of wonderful contrasts with the land ranges from desert to plains to fertile wine-expanding areas set amid rolling hills.


Capital of Victoria and Australia's second-largest city, Melbourne is usually voted the most livable city in the world. For 1 issue, it is sited on the Yarra River and scenic Port Philip Bay. Plus, it's Australia's vanguard city for sport, style, shopping, cuisines, music and nightlife, and is home to a host of museums, galleries and theaters, and huge parks and gardens.

Transport:getting there and getting away

Melbourne's centre for domestic and international flights is Tullamarine Airport. It is located 14 miles northwest of the city center and accessible by skybus.

Spencer Street Railway Station is served by interstate trains. The Sydney-Melbourne XPT runs in between Australia's two largest cities everyday. The trip requires 10 1/2 hours. The Overland connects with Adelaide daily. The trip time is 12 hours.

Bus services connect Melbourne with other key cities and regional locations of Victoria.

Melbournes public transport system, recognized as Metlink provides a wide range of choices for finding about the city. These include trams, trains, and buses. Melbourne has the world's oldest tram network which now runs over 200 miles of track. Trams are the most popular with tourists and locals alike for travel around the city and inner suburbs. Taxis are plentiful and Melbourne has an outstanding network of bike paths.


Melbourne has a capricious climate. It ranges from rainy to gusty and it usually oscillates among warm and chilly in the space of a single day. However it seldom gets genuinely as well hot or as well cold. Winter temperatures range among 6C and 13C. In summer, it rarely gets above 35C.

Accommodation:from inexpensive stays to luxury resorts

Check on the web for the range, location and expense of hotels in Melbourne

Melbourne accommodation is varied and good worth.

Events:what is on and what is hot

Melbourne's social calendar is comprises equally of sporting and cultural events.

*The year kicks of with Midsumma Melbourne, an annual pride occasion in January. It is a 3-week bash featuring a music, cabaret, and drag acts.

*Australian Football League Grand Final in September is the annual showcase of Aussie Rules Football.
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*Melbourne Fringe held annually in September and October is the city's exuberant art fest.

*LIVID Festival held in October is one particular of the country's biggest rock festivals.


Much of Adelaide's charm comes from its location. It sits on the narrow Adelaide Plains in between Gulf St Vincent on the Southern Ocean and the eucalyptus-covered hills of the Mount Lofty ranges. Today's Adelaide is well-known for its festivals, arts, sports events and wine from nearby vineyards.

Transport:finding there and acquiring away

Adelaide's spanking new airport gives international connections to Auckland, Hongkong, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. On the domestic front, it is just an hour's hop to Melbourne and less than three hours to Sydney, Brisbane, or Canberra. There are also buses and interstate trains.

Finding about the city is simple via train, tram and bus services that use the Metroticket unified ticketing technique. The compact city center is fine for walking and there are two free of charge bus services for the footsore. There is also a tram that runs from Victoria Square to the seaside suburb of Glenelg.


In a word, Mediterranean. Summer in Adelaide is scorching with temperatures leaping to 40C and above. Winters are damp and miserable but never ever genuinely cold. Spring and Autumn are the most pleasant seasons, balmy and temperate.

Accommodation:from cheap stays to luxury resorts

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Events:what is on and what's hot

*Womadelaide, an outdoor festival of globe music and dance, is held each and every February to March.

*The jewel in Adelaide's social crowd is the Adelaide Arts Festival held at the starting of March in even-numbered years. It functions drama, dance and music, along with a writers' week, poetry readings and art exhibitions. The Fringe Festival runs at the identical time.

*Adelaide International Guitar Festival is in November.

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