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Hopkinson Tea Room

By Anonymous - Posted on 23 July 2012

I mentioned in the One to Watch post last week that I love to discover new things and last week I discovered a new vintage shop in Nottingham called Hopkinson Tea Room and they stock all sorts of wonderful things from authentic Victorian clothes, such as the dress below.
To 1980′s cassette players and much, much more besides.
As well as the vintage clothes and antiques (they sell antiques too) there is a Tea Room attached to the front of the shop and they sell all sorts of lovely cakes and tea and at reasonable prices too, sometimes I feel that tea rooms over charge when attached to boutiques, trendy or vintage shops. 
Hopkinson Tea Room are a Community Interest Company providing space and facilities for creative businesses actively working within the creative industries. ‘Supporting creativity and independant business within the region.’ which I absolutely encourage more people get on board with projects such as this, that bring together creative individuals under one roof.  To read more about the Tea Room, Gallery or Vintage stock have a gander at their website Hopkinson Tea Room.
As a result of my visit to Hopkinson Tea Room I bought some things to make pieces of jewelry out of and the haberdashery section of the shop may only be small but there’s a lot to choose from,

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