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Pnr Status

By jona - Posted on 23 March 2013

IRCTC online ( the service which provides online reservation service for Indian railway. We provide 24*7 PNR status check, please provide the PNR nubmer in the follwing search box and click get PNR status button to check pnr status irctc online.

When a travel is booked in indian railway via irctc co in, a reservation number called PNR Number is allotted to a passengers or group of travellers travelling together to track/record journey. In case initial booking don't provide confirmed booking, the Pnr Number can be used to check the irctc reservation status via online enquiry by providing Pnr number to irctc. Our search box above provides pnr status check 24 hours 7 days 365 days online, updated for 2013.
PNR (Passenger Name Record) is a record maintained in the computerised reservation systems (CRS) for tracking the reservation status, record of jorney of traveller or a group of passengers travelling together. Even though the PNR was first introduced for airline reservation systems, later it is adopted for booking of other travel modes too.Even though there is no popular industry standard for PNR, IATA and ATA have defined standards for interline messaging of PNR ie. for standard for exchange of reservation information for tracking the booking in case passenger/passengers required multiple flights/trains to reach destination, but generally actual implementation may vary depending on the travel facility provider.

When a passenger books for a travel the computer reservation system will create a pnr number, which traveller can use to get updated status about the reservation information in case he/she/they were not able to get confirmed reservation during the time of booking.

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