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Trace Indian Landphone with Std Code 1262

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Haryana ROHTAK Std Code 1262 Info

You may like to trace call location info about an unknown caller in certain cases. Its quite easy to get location info about land telephones using std code shown in the caller id of the phone.

0 is the trunk code in India for making external calls from a landphone.

Remove first 0 which is trunk code for India and collect next 2/3/4 digits which is your stdcode depending on if you are from metro/city/towns. In case rural area (town) you can provide more digits for eg. first 3 digits or more as std code, you will be getting more accurate location results. Below we are showing results for std code 1262

  • Std number 1262 (SDCA Code 1262) is allocated to ROHTAK in state Haryana
  • SDCA Exchange for Std Code 1262 is ROHTAK
  • ROHTAK is located in state Haryana and most probably located in its district ROHTAK
  • ROHTAK is part of telecom service area Haryana(Telecom Circle Code:HA)

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