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Std Code is allocated to KAMALAPURAM,Andhra Pradesh. Visit to see full KAMALAPURAM Std Number Details

NEW DELHI Std Code (SDCA Code 11)

Std Code 11 is allocated to NEW DELHI,Delhi. Visit to see full NEW DELHI Std Number 11 Details


Std Code 120 is allocated to GHAZIABAD+DADRI,Uttar Pradesh. Visit to see full GHAZIABAD+DADRI Std Number 120 Details

MEERUT Std Code (SDCA Code 121)

Std Code 121 is allocated to MEERUT,Uttar Pradesh. Visit to see full MEERUT Std Number 121 Details

HAPUR Std Code (SDCA Code 122)

Std Code 122 is allocated to HAPUR,Uttar Pradesh. Visit to see full HAPUR Std Number 122 Details

MODINAGAR Std Code (SDCA Code 1232)

Std Code 1232 is allocated to MODINAGAR,Uttar Pradesh. Visit to see full MODINAGAR Std Number 1232 Details

MAWANA Std Code (SDCA Code 1233)

Std Code 1233 is allocated to MAWANA,Uttar Pradesh. Visit to see full MAWANA Std Number 1233 Details

BAGHPAT-II (BARAUT) Std Code (SDCA Code 1234)

Std Code 1234 is allocated to BAGHPAT-II (BARAUT),Uttar Pradesh. Visit to see full BAGHPAT-II (BARAUT) Std Number 1234 Details

SARDHANA Std Code (SDCA Code 1237)

Std Code 1237 is allocated to SARDHANA,Uttar Pradesh. Visit to see full SARDHANA Std Number 1237 Details

GURGAON Std Code (SDCA Code 124)

Std Code 124 is allocated to GURGAON,Haryana. Visit to see full GURGAON Std Number 124 Details

CHARKHIDADRI Std Code (SDCA Code 1250)

Std Code 1250 is allocated to CHARKHIDADRI,Haryana. Visit to see full CHARKHIDADRI Std Number 1250 Details

JHAJJAR Std Code (SDCA Code 1251)

Std Code 1251 is allocated to JHAJJAR,Haryana. Visit to see full JHAJJAR Std Number 1251 Details

LOHARU Std Code (SDCA Code 1252)

Std Code 1252 is allocated to LOHARU,Haryana. Visit to see full LOHARU Std Number 1252 Details

TOHSHAM Std Code (SDCA Code 1253)

Std Code 1253 is allocated to TOHSHAM,Haryana. Visit to see full TOHSHAM Std Number 1253 Details

BAWANIKHERA Std Code (SDCA Code 1254)

Std Code 1254 is allocated to BAWANIKHERA,Haryana. Visit to see full BAWANIKHERA Std Number 1254 Details

SIWANI Std Code (SDCA Code 1255)

Std Code 1255 is allocated to SIWANI,Haryana. Visit to see full SIWANI Std Number 1255 Details

MEHAM Std Code (SDCA Code 1257)

Std Code 1257 is allocated to MEHAM,Haryana. Visit to see full MEHAM Std Number 1257 Details

KALANAUR Std Code (SDCA Code 1258)

Std Code 1258 is allocated to KALANAUR,Haryana. Visit to see full KALANAUR Std Number 1258 Details

KOSLI Std Code (SDCA Code 1259)

Std Code 1259 is allocated to KOSLI,Haryana. Visit to see full KOSLI Std Number 1259 Details

ROHTAK Std Code (SDCA Code 1262)

Std Code 1262 is allocated to ROHTAK,Haryana. Visit to see full ROHTAK Std Number 1262 Details

GOHANA Std Code (SDCA Code 1263)

Std Code 1263 is allocated to GOHANA,Haryana. Visit to see full GOHANA Std Number 1263 Details

NUH Std Code (SDCA Code 1267)

Std Code 1267 is allocated to NUH,Haryana. Visit to see full NUH Std Number 1267 Details

FEROJPUR Std Code (SDCA Code 1268)

Std Code 1268 is allocated to FEROJPUR,Haryana. Visit to see full FEROJPUR Std Number 1268 Details

REWARI Std Code (SDCA Code 1274)

Std Code 1274 is allocated to REWARI,Haryana. Visit to see full REWARI Std Number 1274 Details

PALWAL Std Code (SDCA Code 1275)

Std Code 1275 is allocated to PALWAL,Haryana. Visit to see full PALWAL Std Number 1275 Details

BAHADURGARH Std Code (SDCA Code 1276)

Std Code 1276 is allocated to BAHADURGARH,Haryana. Visit to see full BAHADURGARH Std Number 1276 Details

JATUSANA Std Code (SDCA Code 1281)

Std Code 1281 is allocated to JATUSANA,Haryana. Visit to see full JATUSANA Std Number 1281 Details

NARNAUL Std Code (SDCA Code 1282)

Std Code 1282 is allocated to NARNAUL,Haryana. Visit to see full NARNAUL Std Number 1282 Details

BAWAL Std Code (SDCA Code 1284)

Std Code 1284 is allocated to BAWAL,Haryana. Visit to see full BAWAL Std Number 1284 Details

MOHINDERGARH Std Code (SDCA Code 1285)

Std Code 1285 is allocated to MOHINDERGARH,Haryana. Visit to see full MOHINDERGARH Std Number 1285 Details

FARIDABAD Std Code (SDCA Code 129)

Std Code 129 is allocated to FARIDABAD,Haryana. Visit to see full FARIDABAD Std Number 129 Details

SONIPAT Std Code (SDCA Code 130)

Std Code 130 is allocated to SONIPAT,Haryana. Visit to see full SONIPAT Std Number 130 Details


Std Code 131 is allocated to MUZAFFAR NAGAR,Uttar Pradesh. Visit to see full MUZAFFAR NAGAR Std Number 131 Details

SAHARANPUR Std Code (SDCA Code 132)

Std Code 132 is allocated to SAHARANPUR,Uttar Pradesh. Visit to see full SAHARANPUR Std Number 132 Details

NAKUR (GANGOH) Std Code (SDCA Code 1331)

Std Code 1331 is allocated to NAKUR (GANGOH),Uttar Pradesh. Visit to see full NAKUR (GANGOH) Std Number 1331 Details

ROORKEE-I Std Code (SDCA Code 1332)

Std Code 1332 is allocated to ROORKEE-I,Uttar Pradesh. Visit to see full ROORKEE-I Std Number 1332 Details

ROORKEE-II (HARDWAR) Std Code (SDCA Code 1334)

Std Code 1334 is allocated to ROORKEE-II (HARDWAR),Uttar Pradesh. Visit to see full ROORKEE-II (HARDWAR) Std Number 1334 Details

DEOBAND Std Code (SDCA Code 1336)

Std Code 1336 is allocated to DEOBAND,Uttar Pradesh. Visit to see full DEOBAND Std Number 1336 Details

NAJIBABAD Std Code (SDCA Code 1341)

Std Code 1341 is allocated to NAJIBABAD,Uttar Pradesh. Visit to see full NAJIBABAD Std Number 1341 Details

BIJNORE-I Std Code (SDCA Code 1342)

Std Code 1342 is allocated to BIJNORE-I,Uttar Pradesh. Visit to see full BIJNORE-I Std Number 1342 Details

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