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Getzy India Free Online Gmaps Area calculator usage steps

Getzy India Free Online Gmaps Area calculator usage steps

Measure Area of a Plot, Region in Cents, Square Meter,Acre Using Aerial Google Maps

Lal Bagh,Bangalore Area Measurement with Getzy Area Calculator

Our Free Online Area Calculator Tool is an excellent tool for quickly measuring area of any plot/land and is also good for making fast area estimates of abundant land. In this post we are using it to measure area of Lalbagh garden in Bangalore.

Using the marker tools in the map, the boundaries of garden are marked as shown in the first image below. Once the boundaries are marked the tool immediately calculates the area and converts to square feet, square meter, cents, hectres etc. as visible in the second image.

Wikipedia quotes the area of Lalbagh as 240 Acre, you can see that the area measured with our free tool in 2 minutes is 239.87 Acreage ie. more or less equal to the actual area of lalbagh. (Please refer the 3rd image below)

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