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By admin - Posted on 23 March 2013

Indian railways allow to do the PNR Status Check via cell phone and landphones. Use the following sms and call methods to do the pnr status check 24 hours via mobile enquiry. To sms request, a reply sms is immediately provided with details of current pnr status including the seat number and birth number if reservation  confirmed. Please note that your service provider may charge for sms send.

  1. Irctc Pnr Status Sms -> PNR [10-digit PNR Number] to 139 ( ie. for eg. send "PNR 4250173700" to 139 )

  2. Irctc Pnr Status Sms -> PNR [10-digit PNR Number] to 54959. (ie. for eg. send "PNR 4250173700" to 54959)

  3. Irctc Pnr Status Sms -> PNR [10-digit PNR Number] to 5676747 (ie. for eg. send "PNR 4250173700" to 5676747)

  4. Irctc Pnr Status Sms -> IRPNR [10-digit PNR Number] to 57886 (ie. for eg. send "PNR 4250173700" to 57886)

 From landphone or mobile phone dial 139 to get pnr status, arrival / departure / ticket fare information, accommodation enquiry, booking with cashcard and delivery via courier facility. This indian railway phone enquiry system is available in english, hindi, other indian languages sothat whoever not good in english can also use this service easily. Please note that this number is not toll free, appropriate call charges apply.

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