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Unble to enter Mac Address to Mac filter of Router, Solution

By admin - Posted on 02 November 2012

In a router it is possible to strengthen the wifi security by adding mac filtering. Select wifi settings, select mac filter menu,  choose allow/deny access and then enter mac address of the machine to be allowed/denied.

Mac address is 6 two digit sets of alpha numeric characters seperated by a seperator character, usually in windows '-'. Some times the router won't allow to enter the mac address showing following error screen. In most cases the user copies mac address  exactly as found from command prompt ( please see this post to find out how to find mac address and ip address of your machine ) with out changing the seperator character.While the router settings mac entry page may be expecting another seperator character like ':'  

To solve this enter the mac address found from command prompt with '-' character replaced by ':' . For example if you found 00-1B-71-E2-1D-AA mac address in command prompt, then enter in router settings 00:1B:71:E2:1D:AA. If ':". If this ':' is not working then try with some other logical seperator characters.

If all these try fails, some suggest that disabling javascript in browser and entering mac address to mac filter dialog works. In our case, it failed. But as said earlier for most people the above tip works.

solution unable to add mac address to mac address filter of router

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